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The Las Campanas Water Co-op is committed to providing classes, informative articles and resources.

Las Campanas Water Cooperative

The Las Campanas Water Cooperative is committed to providing classes, informative articles, and resources such as Eye On Water to enable each of our members to support an informed and active Las Campanas Water Community.

Eye On Water

The Co-op is implementing an automatic water reading system that will be placed on your water meter. The new system is called “Eye On Water”. The City of Santa Fe is using the same system and is very satisfied. 

If you’ve ever experienced an undetected leak, you know how quickly the water usage can escalate!  Eye on Water allows you to monitor usage 24/7. Since the technology is online, you can check water usage at your home even when you aren’t in residence.

Some of features this system provides are:

  1. Access to a website and smart phone/tablet application to view your water usage. The water usage is displayed with a graph that can be viewed yearly, monthly, daily. If you have two meters (irrigation and domestic), you can see both meter usages. Viewing your usage activity will allow you to better understand your consumption patterns

  2. Set leak alerts to notify you by text or email. 

 3. Allows you export your usage data to a spreadsheet for easy tracking.

Las Campanas Water Cooperative

Water Quality

Water quality is very important in Las Campanas. Below are our last three year's reports. 

2021 Water Quality Report

2022 Water Quality Report

2022 Water Quality Report​

2023 Water Quality Report​

Horticultural Resources

Cultivating a garden and landscaping in Las Campanas offers some unique challenges. As part of the Las Campanas Water Cooperative’s commitment to encouraging sustainable landscaping that is sensitive to water usage, we are pleased to present information that may help you better anticipate how to plant, what to plant, and when to plant.

The Las Campanas Homeowners Association has specific planting guidelines to which all Las Campanas homeowners are expected to adhere. Information on the guidelines is available through the Las Campanas Homeowners Association.​

The information and articles on this site have been developed by Tracy Neal, our landscape consultant. Tracy is a well-recognized expert in Santa Fe and offers periodic classes for our Las Campanas Water Cooperative members.

Fall and Winter Watering 2023 Final

Las Campanas Low Water Use Plant List

Low Water Use Plants for Las Campanas

Mulches in the Home Garden

Natural Area Pre-Approved Plants List 2023

Steps to Successful Revegetation

Transition Zone Pre-Approved Plants List

Trees to Avoid or Use with Caution

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