Las Campanas water and

sewer services are provided through the

Las Campanas Water Cooperative.



The Las Campanas Water Cooperative (“Co-op”) is a non-profit entity with the mission to deliver quality drinking water and wastewater treatment services to our more than 1,200 members.


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The Co-op stores and delivers drinking water, installs, maintains, and reads water meters, invoices monthly, provides fire protection, regularly tests water quality, and maintains the lines needed for transmission of water to our customers in the community of Las Campanas. (Note: the Santa Fe County Water Utility serves Estates I and II)

The Board of Directors is comprised of six Co-op members elected by the Co-op members.  The Board oversees the management and operations of the Co-op, contracting with the internationally recognized engineering firm, Jacobs, to maintain water distribution systems and the onsite wastewater treatment plant.

The Water and Sewer Cooperative's Administrative Office is located in the Aldea Plaza at 13 Plaza Nueva, Unit B, Santa Fe NM 87507.  Phone 505-930-7155.

Emergencies or outages: Please telephone: 505-930-7155 during business hours. After business hours and on weekends, please call 505-395-9270.


Las Campanas Water Cooperative Staff and Consultants


Kim Visser-Weinmann, General Manager
Phone: (505) 930-7144
Cell: (505) 470-3781


Heather Roybal, Customer Support Manager

Phone: (505) 930-7155
Cell: (505) 470-3783


Jamey Shelton, Controller

Phone: (505) 395-9465



Bryan Romero, P.E., Consulting Engineer

Phone: (505) 930-7154


Gerardo Gonzalez Ortiz, Jacobs' Project Manager
Phone: (505) 629-1133

Cell: (505) 690-2258


Tracy Neal, Landscape Consultant




Las Campanas Water Cooperative Board of Directors 2021 -2022


Stephen Raab, President

Executive Committee Chair

Operations Committee Chair
Phone (505) 428-0292
Term Expires: 7/2023


Barbara Shoemaker, Vice President

Finance Committee Chair
Phone: (703) 402-7262
Term Expires: 7/2022

James Lightfoot, Treasurer

Sustainability Committee Chair

Phone: (505) 954-1626


Term Expires: 7/2021


Steven Miller, Secretary

Legal and Governance Committee Chair

Phone (505) 780-8090 
Term Expires: 7/2021

Shawn McCoy, Director
Phone (505) 954-1716
Term Expires: 7/2023

Michael P. Walsh P.E., P.P., Director

Phone (505) 983-7631


Term Expires: 7/2023




Committee Assignments for the Board for 2021

Legal and Governance Committee: Steven Miller (Chair), steven.miller89@verizon.net

Members: Stephen Raab, Barbara Shoemaker, and James Lightfoot

Finance Committee: Barbara Shoemaker (Chair),

Members: Stephen Raab, Shawn McCoy, James Lightfoot and Michael P. Walsh

Operations Committee: Shawn McCoy (Chair), shawnmccoy@gmail.com

Members: James Lightfoot, Steven Miller, Stephen Raab and Michael P. Walsh

Sustainability Committee: James Lightfoot (Chair), jamesolightfoot@icloud.com

Members: Stephen Raab and Barbara Shoemaker

Executive Committee: Stephen Raab (Chair), stephenwraab@gmail.com

Members: Kim Visser, Barbara Shoemaker, James Lightfoot, and Steven Miller

BDD Alternate Representative: James Lightfoot, jamesolightfoot@icloud.com

Steven Miller (Alternate for Jim Lightfoot)



How do I report a sewage backup, or overflow?

What should I do if I have a water leak?
Do I need water shut off valve(s) installed?

I need my water turned on/off (non-emergency)

Can my plumber or I / irrigation company open the water meter can to turn off valves?

How do I check for leaks?

I know I have a leak and am unable to locate it.

Can you recommend a plumber to fix my leak?

I am moving. What should I do?

Why is my drinking water cloudy?

I need to have a meter installed.

I need to have my line located.

Can I control my water pressure?

How do I report a sewage backup, or overflow?
Contact the Co-op at (505) 930-7155. In the event of an after-hour emergency, call (505) 395-9270.
What should I do if I have a water leak?
If your home has a water shut-off valve, turn the water off.  If you do not have a shut-off valve, contact the Las Campanas Water Cooperative at (505) 930-7155 to have one of our Water Operators turn the water off at the meter.  If the leak is between the water meter and your house, contact your plumber. If the leak is from the water meter to the main line, call the Co-op at (505) 930-7155. In the event of an after-hour emergency, call (505) 395-9270.
Do I need water shut off valve(s) installed?
Customers are required to have a shut off valve outside the meter can for both domestic and irrigation to protect their water line.  Some older homes may not have shut off valves, so contact your plumber to install shut off valves.
I need my water turned on/off (non-emergency).
Shut off your water using your water shut off valve located outside the meter can.  Insure that you turn off the appropriate valve since many house have separate domestic and irrigation water lines.  If your home does not have these valves, please provide 24 to 48 hours’ advance notice to set up the appointment with the date(s) it needs to be turned on/off to set up the appointment.
Can I or my plumber / irrigation company open the water meter can to turn off valves?
No, meters and meter cans are the property of Las Campanas Water Cooperative. Only Las Campanas Water Cooperative staff is allowed access to the meter can. Fines will be imposed for unauthorized access due to the potential for damage to the meter.   If you need access, call the

Co-op at (505) 930-7155.
How do I check for leaks?

If you have signed up for Eye on Water leak alerts, you will be notified if a leak exists for outside or inside your house.  You will be able to see the volume of water loss per hour.


Locating leaks can be a challenge.  If you have an irrigation service, they can come and check your lines for leaks. Note: After any repairs it is a good idea to check your irrigation usage for a day when your system is not watering.  If the leak is repaired, you should show no usage.

Internal leaks can also be hard to locate.  As a starting point, check all faucets and piping for leaks by monitoring for drips of water under sinks and from exposed pipes. Perform an inspection with the water on and off, as some leaks only occur when the water is on. Toilets – Add a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. If the food coloring appears in the toilet bowl, this means you have a leak. Some toilet leaks are intermittent, so you don’t always see or hear the water running.  
I know I have a leak and am unable to locate it.
What should I do? Contact your plumber or a leak detection company.
Can you recommend a plumber to fix my leak?
The Co-op does not make recommendations, however, you may want to talk to neighbors for recommendations.
I am moving. What should I do?
If you are moving, it is necessary to update the mailing address on your account by contacting the Coop at (505) 930-7155.
Why is my drinking water cloudy?
Cloudiness in water is caused by tiny air bubbles. After a short time, the bubbles rise to the top and the cloudiness disappears.
I need to have a meter installed.
Contact the Co-op at (505) 930-7155 during regular business hour. A work order will be created for the meter install.  Please note, prior to scheduling the meter install, the plumber must install the shut off valve(s).  A meter will not be placed until the shut off valves are installed.

I need to have my line located.
Call 811 (New Mexico One-Call).  The Co-op will only locate the line from the water main to the meter in response to One Call notification.  The service line between the meter and the house is owned by the customer, and the Co-op cannot locate that line.


Can I control my water pressure?
The water system is comprised of several pressure zones. The pressure in a zone will generally range from 50 psi to 125 psi.  The water pressure to a house from the water system is dependent on its location within the zone. If a customer desires a lower or higher pressure then the customer can install either a pressure reducing valve or a booster.