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Las Campanas Water Cooperative is committed to providing the best services and the most current information.

Las Campanas Water Cooperative

The Las Campanas Water Cooperative (“Co-op”) is a non-profit entity with the mission to deliver quality drinking water and wastewater treatment services to our more than 1,200 members.

The Co-op stores and delivers drinking water, installs, maintains, and reads water meters, invoices monthly, provides fire protection, regularly tests water quality, and maintains the lines needed for transmission of water to our customers in the community of Las Campanas. (Note: the Santa Fe County Water Utility serves Estates I and II)

The Board of Directors is comprised of seven Co-op members elected by the Co-op members. The Board oversees the management and operations of the Co-op, contracting with the internationally recognized engineering firm, Jacobs, to maintain water distribution systems and the onsite wastewater treatment plant.

Click on the video to learn more about the Las Campanas Water Coop.

OPERATIONS STAFF​ | Las Campanas Water Cooperative Staff and Consultants

Acting General Manager: 

Stephen Miller

Phone: (505) 930-7155

Customer Service Representative: 

Juliet Tello

Phone: (505) 930-7155

BOARD OF DIRECTORS​ | Las Campanas Water Cooperative 2021 -2022


Stephen Raab, President
Term Expires: 7/2026

Steven Miller, Vice President/Treasurer

Finance Committee Chair
Term Expires: 7/2024

Ben Lee, Director

Term Expires: 7/2024

Herb Faling, Secretary
Term Expires: 7/2026

James Dark, Director
Term Expires: 7/2025

To contact the Board as a group, please email:​​​​

COMMITTEES | Committee Assignments for the Board

Finance Committee: Steven Miller (Chair)

Members: Herb Faling and James Dark

Operations Committee: Ben Lee (Chair)

Members: Herb Faling

Sustainability Committee: Stephen Raab (Chair)

Members: James Dark

Executive Committee: Stephen Raab (Chair)

Members: Stephen Raab, Steve Miller and Ben Lee

Legal & Governance Committee: Vacant

Las Campanas Water Cooperative

Jacobs Earns National Recognition The Co-op contracts with Jacobs to manage the operations of our community Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant. The high caliber of their professional services was recognized in the national magazine, TPO (Treatment Plant Operator) with a focus on Las Campanas.

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